10+ 90 Day Performance Review Sample Template

How to Write 90 Day Performance Review Template for the Best Evaluation to Make

Being employer, there will be time when you need to evaluate employees’ performance. Writing what’s in your head on the paper without proper manner won’t be professional. That is why you will need to use 90 day performance review template to help you with that. We just need to fill things in.

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Still, there are things you need to know to write a good one. Surely, your employees will appreciate it more and would make the effort to improve for the better. So, let’s see how to do the writing in this opportunity. We’ve everything covered.

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Step #1 – Employee Basic Data and Identity

To start things with, you can’t go without putting the employee’s data on top of the template. Without it, one employee performance review will be mistaken as someone else’s. Let’s make it clear by writing the employee name, job position, and contact details properly. They must be there.

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It is only after that you can add other information in. Keep in mind that the information included must be for identification purpose. So, don’t put unrelated information in. Write only what’s necessary for the evaluation template here.

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Step #2 – Highlights About the Employees

Pointing out their mistakes is not so pleasant to read out of the blue. So, avoid doing it first than anything. Performance evaluation template is best to start with employee’s achievements. Make descriptions as accurate as possible. After all, each employee must have things they are done right.

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There might be mistakes to report to, but let’s not take the risk of making them feel depressed by letting them know all of sudden. It is important to keep their morale while telling them what they did wrong in 90-day performance evaluation.

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Step #3 – The Goals to Be Achieved Together

Talking about business plan, there must be goals to aim for. Together with the employees, employer will walk towards the goals as well. Goals must have specific amount of time for one to accomplish. So, this template is meant to identify whether or not the goals are achieved. Do this just like before.

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Point out what has been accomplished then the ones that were not come next. Make sure to explain why the goals were not met too. This will give useful insight to work on some improvements. 90-day employee review template is that detailed.

Step #4 – Comments and the Expectations

Don’t just mention things though. You need to provide feedback as well. Even if your employees are doing well with their job, it would be necessary to point out what to do for the future goals. It is after you evaluate the employee, assess the situation, and come up with the plan towards new goal.

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It would be good if you can outline your expectations too. It will make things clear for the employee to understand. Consider these in the making of 90 day performance review template and you will make the best evaluation for all employees.

90 Day Performance Review Sample Template

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