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A thank you note after the interview is usually sent to the company or institution right after they allow you to come and have an interview with them. Looking for a job these days are hard and thus appreciating anything close to a job will be important. It is including saying thank you after the interview. After all, you have been given a shot for the job interview. Here is more information about the note.

administrative assistant thank you note after interview

What Should Be Written on Thank You Note After Interview?


If you have never written the thank you note after an interview before, you should understand some fundamental things. First, you need to know when to send them and second, you need to know what to write on them. The right time to send them is like a day or two after the interview. As the content of the note you can see down below:

  1. Gratitude for the Interview

Given an opportunity to have an interview is something you should be happy and grateful for. That is why you should be able to express your gratitude through the thank you note. By showing them your gratitude, they will at least understand that they have been interviewed someone decent enough for the job.


  1. The expectation for Good News

Make sure that in the note you have written something to show them that you are expecting good news for them. This way, they will find out that you do love to have the job. Make sure that these expectations are clearly written in the letter so that they will know exactly what your good intention is.


Thank You Note after Interview by Phone


Even when the interview is done by phone and you did not meet the interviewer in person, you should still say thank you anyway. This is a thank you note written right after a job interview conducted by phone. By using this thank you note after the interview template, you do not have to worry anymore about not knowing what exactly to write on the note.


Informal Thank You Note after Interview


When the interview is informal, the thank you note can be informal, too. That is why you should know how to write one. Take a look at the example and template here. They are highly informal but they will be useful enough to show your manners through the notes.


Handwritten Thank You Note after Interview


The note can be typed and can be written by hands, too. If you opt for the handwritten one, the example can be seen here. The templates are ready for you to use and you do not need to pay for anything for the template.

business thank you note after interview

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To show that you are determined about the job, make sure that you send the note. Sending the note will show the company that you are a good person with a good attitude, too. Now there is no need to arranging the note on your own as the templates available up there are ready to help you out when writing and sending out the thank you note after the interview.

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